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UKirk (university)

We gather Wednesday evenings from 8:30pm to 9:30pm at First Presbyterian Church.

Here at FPC-Stillwater, we, like many PC(USA) churches in college towns, call our university ministries UKirk. "U" is for "university" and "kirk" is the old Scottish Presbyterian word for "church." As a part of UKirk Ministries, UKirk Stillwater is connected to other Presbyterian campus ministries such as UKirk-Ohio State, U-Kirk Ole Miss, and Bama UKirk. At UKirk we concentrate on four areas of emphasis: worship, Bible study, fellowship, and service. 


At UKirk-Stillwater we do our university ministries a little differently than many other churches and Christian organizations. Our number one goal is for university students (undergraduate and graduate) to participate fully in the life of the congregation. We have an intergenerational way of doing things at FPC. This includes worship, Christian education, fellowship events, and more. Our hope is that university students will spend time with their brothers and sisters in Christ no matter the age. First Presbyterian Church is located on the corner of Duck and 6th Streets, and the doors are open to you!


In addition to participation in our congregation-wide activities, we also have UKirk specific gatherings, which will meet Wednesday evenings in Spring 2018. Recent and upcoming UKirk-Stillwater activities have included homemade dinners in family homes, a service project at a local kitten rescue, Bible studies, movie nights, a board game night, ethical dillemas discussion night, and others. If you are a college student or of college student age, contact us at to find out when the next UKirk-Stillwater gathering is happening and come join us!