Short Term Classes

Short Term Courses for Adults


A Thoughtful Conversation about Social Media - This is an intergenerational class, all are welcome. Please bring your tablet or phone to class! Facilitated by Rev. Leah Hrachovec, this class meets at 9:45 am on Sunday mornings, January 14 - February 11 in Fellowship Hall. 


January 14           Introduction

January 21           It’s Complicated: Fears and Opportunities

January 28           Five Keys to Online Literacy: for Kids and the Rest of Us!

February 4           Social Media, Faith, and Justice

February 11         Social Media and the Flourishing Life






This Lenten Adult Sunday School Class, led by Phyllis Taylor, will meet at 9:45 am on Sunday mornings February 18 - March 25 in Fellowship Hall.


For centuries, Lent has been a time of spiritual stock-taking through silence, meditation, fasting, and most of all, prayer. Yet many of us still echo the request the disciples made of Jesus: "Lord, teach us to pray..." (Luke 11.1) We struggle to "make time" and sometimes are frustrated in our attempts to find the quiet and solitude, not essential, but certainly well-suited for prayer. Many of us modern folk are not comfortable with silence anyway.  Some of us aren't sure we are doing Prayer, with a capital P in the "correct "way. As far as praying aloud in a communal setting- well, that's the pastor's job. We might be OK with it if something is written down for us by someone else. At certain seasons of life, prayer seems dry, lonely, unfruitful. We wonder what we are doing wrong!                                                                                                          

We don't have to let these barriers discourage us. Prayer was an indispensable part of Jesus' life and has remained the central spiritual discipline of Christians in every time and place. A treasure of prayers and experience in praying lays gathering dust in the storehouse of Church history. The purpose of this class is to uncover some of the jewels and see what light and beauty they may bring to our lives.


Aims of the Course

  1. Explore prayer in the life of Jesus to discern what his example can teach us.

  2. Listen to the Cloud of Witnesses by sampling prayers and prayer disciplines from the history of the Church.

  3. Practice some of those disciplines together so that those who are interested will have a few new tools in their spiritual toolkits.

  4. Use our creativity a little in order to experience more beauty, freedom, and enjoyment in our prayer life.

  5. Become a bit more comfortable with silence and, conversely, with praying out loud.