SpiritLink Elementary Sunday School

Elementary aged students (1st through 5th grade) are part of our SpiritLink program and gather in the Westminster Room (Room 100, on the south end of the Main Building) every Sunday for Rise and Shine followed by SpiritLink.


Rise and Shine is a gathering time for Shepherds to greet and have conversations with students, sing a song or two, and then go to the appropriate room upstairs.


SpiritLink is a workshop rotation-model Sunday School in which students learn about a Bible story or theme in different ways in each unit. Lessons are told throughout the year using various ways of learning, using art, science, computers, cooking, movies, drama, and more! Through various workshops utilizing different senses, intelligences, and curiosities, children get to explore stories of God in different ways—through art, drama, technology, science, play, and more.


SpiritLink classes are grouped according to age, with some flexibility to meet each child’s needs and keep the classes balanced. This year, the classes are grouped as follows:

Creators:  1st/2nd/3rd grades  - Shepherd: Jenny Fowler
Makers:    4th/5th grades - Shepherd: Suzii Parsons


The 2016-2017 theme for SpiritLink is Law, Grace, & Wisdom: Our Faith, God’s Faithfulness. We will be exploring stories that help us understand how God’s law can be a gift in our lives, how God’s grace in Jesus Christ is the biggest sign of God’s faithfulness to us, and how we can act in wisdom as those who follow Jesus.

Our first Bible exploration for the year is “Down through the Roof,” the story of some faithful friends who brought their friend to be helped by Jesus. In Thou Art we will recreate the story in a 3D diorama. In Burning Bush we will figure out different ways to be a good friend. In Modern Magi we will be creating gifts for others as a mission project.  In Scolls & Scribes we will use different computer software to think about Jesus’ ways of healing and forgiving.

Each week is a new adventure with the story! Our Celebration Sunday for “Down Through the Roof” unit is September 25. Join us!


This year’s units include:

Aug. 21 – Sept. 25  Down Through the Roof
Oct. 4 – Nov. 13      The Great Commandment
Nov. 20 – Dec. 11    Advent and Shepherds
Jan. 8 – Feb. 12        Peter and Cornelius
Feb. 19 – Mar. 26      Road to Emmaus
Apr. 2 – May 21        The Last Supper  (Apr. 16  Easter Celebration)


Each unit is six weeks, with four different workshop rooms for four of the Sundays. The unit also includes one Music Sunday, in which children will learn new songs together for worship and special events. Finally, the unit ends with a Celebration Sunday.