We welcome all to worship God with us!


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During the summertime, we have only one worship service on Sunday mornings, at 9:30 am. This service is followed by a Fellowship Time, beginning at 10:30 am in Fellowship Hall, and is a space and time for folks to visit, meet new friends, and take a bit of time for intentional fellowship. As a way of including everyone in our Summer Sunday Fellowship Time, we are once again inviting folks to bring refreshments to share. We've assigned Sundays based on birthday month, so please take a look at the schedule below to see which Sunday your month falls under! Parents, remember that your children also have birthday months, and they may like to take part as well.


Your Sunday       Your Birthday Month

                                                           May 26                             January

                                                           June 2                              February

                                                           June 9                                March

                                                           June 16                                April

                                                           June 23                                 May

                                                           June 30                                 June

                                                         July 7                                   July

                                                           July 14                               August

                                                           July 21                              September

                                                           July 28                                 October

                                                          August 4                             November

                                                         August 11                            December


Normally, we have two worship services each Sunday.  However during the summer months we have one service followed by Fellowship Time.  Check THIS SUNDAY for the current schedule of worship services.


WORSHIP is at the heart of our life together.  Is our worship traditional or contemporary? Our worship is traditional in that it centers around the Word of God and celebrates the sacraments of the early church in Baptism and Communion. Our worship is also contemporary in that we focus on the intersection of today's world and God's story, communicate in the common language of the people, and praise God in music and song drawn from a variety of ages and cultures.



Our service is broadcast weekly over KSPI radio (AM 780) at 11:00 a.m. and you can also listen live on the web (click here)



Resources are available for those with hearing and sight impairments.


A note for families with children:
Worship is the work of the people--all the people. Children are welcome and invited to participate in all worship services. Children's worship bags and Children's Bibles are available at the back of the Sanctuary.
If you prefer, a nursery for infants through 3 year olds is available in the Preschool wing.
Children are also invited to attend Children & Worship, a worship opportunity for those age 3 through 3rd grade.
(Children & Worship does not meet during the summer)