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Worship Service in Sanctuary



Children & Worship

Children & Worship is an opportunity for children to experience the essential parts of worship in a manner that is age appropriate. While children are always welcome in regular worship, Children & Worship may be an option that will enrich your young child's worship experiences.


Meets in the Westminster Room

Children & Worship is available for children ages 3 years-3rd graders. We gather during the 11:00 am worship service following Time with Children.


March/April stories

March 12: Spring Break, no Children and Worship

March 19: Zacceaus

March 26: Jesus the King

April 2: Too Afraid to Follow Jesus

April 9 (Palm Sunday): Jesus' Last Passover

April 16 (Easter Sunday): Jesus Dies and God Makes Jesus Alive Again

April 23: Jesus is Risen, the Road to Emmaus

April 30: Jesus Appears to Thomas


We follow an order of worship similar to what happens in the sanctuary service. Activities include singing and sign language, experiencing Bible stories, and praying together. Children are encouraged to "wonder" about the biblical stories and the mysteries of God. During our Response Time the children have a chance to work with the story materials themselves, do art work or puzzles, or look at books. We close each Children & Worship with a scripture reading, prayer and a blessing for one another.


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