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FPC History

In April 1890, First Presbyterian Church was established in Stillwater, Oklahoma Territory, with the arrival of Rev. Simon P. Myers , a missionary sent by the Presbyterian Board of Home Missions.  He preached his first sermon in the community on the evening of April 13 in the upstairs room of the Swope building, located at present day 824 South Main Street.  The building, shared by various churches at the time, was located two doors down from a saloon. 


Ongoing partying and boisterous celebrations from neighboring drinking and gambling establishments caused the congregation to move the church on more than one occasion, including moving the actual church building in 1907.  That year the present day church was established at 524 South Duncan Street.


Successfully weathering land runs and financial boom and bust eras, we have grown in faith and caring for others.  Our humble and colorful beginning has strengthened our commitment to welcoming all people.  Come join us and discover your new family here in Stillwater.