SpiritLink Elementary Sunday School

SpiritLink Sunday School

For 1st-5th graders

9:45-10:30 a.m., Sundays (August 21, 2022 - May 21, 2023)


SpiritLink children in grades 1-5 are invited to start the Sunday school hour at 9:45 am in the Worship Center. We’ll have a gathering time together and some singing. Shepherds will then take kids upstairs to their rooms and bring them back to the Worship Center by 10:45 am where parents can pick up their children.


SpiritLink for 1st-5th graders

SpiritLink is a workshop rotation-model Sunday School in which students learn about a Bible story or theme from different perspectives throughout each unit. Lessons are told throughout the year using various ways of learning:  art, science, computers, storytelling, cooking, movies, drama, and more! 

· Creators: 1st-3rd grades - Shepherd: Jenny Broyles

· Makers: 4th-5th grades - Shepherd: Suzii Parsons

Each unit is six weeks, with four different workshop rooms for four of the Sundays. The unit also includes a Celebration Sunday where we tie it all together and share what we’ve learned. Finally, the unit ends with a Music Sunday, in which children will learn new songs together for worship and special events.