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Children & Worship

Children and Worship will not meet on Sunday mornings during the summer. Please join us with your whole family for worship at 11:00 am each week!


During the summer or for those worshiping at home, you can access Children and Worship videos to enjoy with your children at Children and Worship will resume on August 21, 2022.


Children and Worship 


We invite children ages 3 through 3rd grade to participate each Sunday in Children and Worship during 11:00 am worship following Time with Children (mid-August - mid-May). The children can follow the worship banner out of the sanctuary and be met by volunteers who will lead them to the Westminster Room for a time of age-appropriate worship and activities. Parents may pick up their children in the Westminster Room at the conclusion of worship, except on days when Communion is offered as described below.


On Sundays that Communion is offered, children will go to Children and Worship, but later rejoin their families in the sanctuary to experience the wonder of the sacrament with their family and come to understand Christ's welcoming of the children to the Table. On Communion Sundays, parents may go to the back of the sanctuary during the singing of the Doxology (after the Offering) to meet their children and escort them back to their seats for the remainder of the service. 


Children and Worship is designed to give children age-appropriate ways to praise God, pray to God, listen, and respond to God. We hear and see stories of God from the Bible as the Storyteller uses wooden figures, simple structures, and even a small piece of the desert to share the ancient stories. We dive deeper into the Bible stories by wondering aloud about biblical stories and the mysteries of God. During Response Time, children have a chance to work with the story materials themselves and engage with the stories through art work, puzzles or books. 


It is good to worship God together in Children and Worship!


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